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Rich in great cultural heritage, along with the splendor of Mount Everest, without access to the sea, Nepal remains one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. Join us today and make a difference in the life and education of children in Dolpo – Nepal. Become their hero. Your sponsorship will bring lasting positive changes to the lives of children, their families and the local community. Give a gift that will help change the lives and future of children in Dolpo.   

Dolpo Bon Society and School

Dolpo bon society is located at Dunai, the district head quarter of Dolpo, Nepal. It was registered in the district administration office in 2003 as a nonprofitable organization. The foremost aim and objective of dolpo bon society is to improve the livelihood of the people living in the rural area of dolpo by providing them with modern education and teaching the children to preserve their culture and tradition. Therefore, the founder president of dolpo bon society, geshe muri nigma kunkya rokaya established dolpo bon school, a primary school in 2007 and started formal education in 2009. Today dolpo bon society has four buildings: a two storey building as boys and girls hostel, additional two storey building for dinning and staff rooms, a one storey building for kitchen and another one storey building with six rooms which serve as classrooms for the children. The school provides free education, foods, clothing and all necessary requirements for schooling. Unfortunately, the school and children do not have any sponsors except tsering dolkar gurung, so from the very beginning rinpoche has been supporting the school with his personal income from teachings, performing rituals, reading astrology in foreign countries and through some donation from his foreign students and friends.

Children and their family background: all the children in this school belong to very poor families. Most of them are between the age of five and sixteen. Some of them either have no parents or must do difficult domestic works. As a result, few children have physical and mental problems. All the parents of the children depend upon small scale of field produce in remote village of dolpo.

After completing primary school, Geshe ensures they receive further education by giving them the following choices: is located close to this school. The boarding school supports the education of a). They can join English boarding school which each child until the completion of their higher secondary school. b). If they are keen to study Bon Philosophical and religious study, Geshe arranges for them to join Triten Norbu Tse monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal or Menri monastery in Dholanji, Shimla, India. c). If they want to continue the lineage of trantric Lama in their respective villages, they have facilities to study traditional Bon rituals, preliminary practices and advance level with the help of Geshe himself and Trantric lama from the villages of Dolpo. Hence, to ensure the present and future of their children, ‘Dolpo Bon Society’ urgently needs financial support and sponsor for them. As we do not have any sponsors, Geshe has been able to provide financial support to a limited number of children. There are still hundreds of poor children in the remote areas of Dolpo who do not go to school and become victims of domestic work. To provide free education opportunities to more children like them, we need more financial supporters.

Future planning for 2019/20 Installation of solar:

Dolpo iS a very cold place and it is very hard to use cold water, especially during the winter season. Children often face with different health problems due to the use of cold water. Another issue is the electricity, although there is electricity, it unreliable to be used in a school. Therefore, if we could install solar, it could be a remedy for winter complications.

Establishment of Library:

It has been felt that only fixed curriculum is not enough to gather ample of knowledge, so if a library is established, students will have more extra knowledge of their choices. Therefore, a library a has become one of the important needs.

Upgrading the Classes:

Now the school comprises of classes till grade five. However, due to the increasing number of students the school infrastructure also must be extended. Hence, we need to upgrade it up to grade eight. Since we already have a onestorey building with six classrooms, we are planning to add one more storey on top of the existing building to add another six classrooms. The assumed budget can be around USD 45000.

Biography of Geshe Nigma Kunkyap

Geshe Muri Nigma Kunkyap Rinpoche was born in 1964 in a small village called Tichu-rong, Dolpo, Nepal which was once a province of Zhang Zhung. At present he is the founder

of Dolpo Bon Society and Nepal Bon Religion Association. He is a master of Sutrajjj, Tantra and Dzogchen for thirteen years from Bonpo masters like His Eminence Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, Lopon Trinley Nyima Rinpoche and Ven Tsundue Gongphel Rinpoche.

In short, Rinpoche studied, contemplated and practiced all major Bonpo text of Sutra, Tantra and Dogchen. He also constantly engaged in teaching, dialogue and writing of above texts. Besides, he studied general science like Astrology, Astronomy, Poetry, Tibetan language and literature, measurement of Mandala and stupa. In Accordance with Menri lineage, he learned to play ritual instruments, ritual offerings and also got complete instructions and initiations of all outer, inner and secret deities of Bon religion.

Rinpoche was awarded the most prestigious doctorate degree of Geshe in 1994 by His Holiness the Menri Trizin Rinpoche and His Eminence the Yongzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche after successfully finalizing the final test with in front of mass monks of Menri Monastery and hundreds of people.

In the same year, Rinpoche was appointed as lecturer in Bonpo Department in Central University of Tibetan Studies, Sarnath, UP, India. There he worked as head of Bon department from 1999-2001.

President of Nepal Bon welfare Committee for three year.(1991-1994)

Chanting master of Menri monastery for three years.(1990-1993)

Taught general sciences to Junior monk in Menri monastery for five Years.(1989-1994)

President of Bon student welfare committee in the year 1995, 1998, 2002. President of Yungdrung Shug Tshal User’s Committee (2010-) 

president of Nepal Bon Buddhist Federation(2013- )  Rinpoche has been travelling widely abroad giving teachings on preliminary practices, practice of mantra, ritual offering (for the accomplishment of good fortune), Astrology, Astronomy and Horoscope in USA, Mexico, Poland and  Russia since many years.

Contact & Donation Info

Geshe Nyima Kunkyap Rinpoche (Founder President)
Email: kunchaplama@yahoo.co.in 
Facebook: khenponyima.kunkyap

Mr. Sherab Namdak Rokaya (Principal)
Email: shenamdolpo@gmail.com 
Mobile: +977 9815581960, +977 9843745081 
Telephone: +977-87550054

Citizen Bank Address:
bank name: Citizen bank,
account name: Muri Nigma Kunkyap Rokaya,
Account number: 04201-00000044030
Branch office: Dunai,
Dolpa, Karnali-Nepal
my mobile-9840524720